Coco’s Journey

The true story of Coco (MAMA) and her older pups Sasha & Shumba.

Owners moved out and left their 5 dogs on the property. Two weeks later Vaalpets got a call to help rescue them. All we had was a pin drop. On Arrival we first met a highly pregnant Sharpei who was nothing but skin and bones. Alongside her, were two pus from her last litter. We carefully loaded the sweet nature-natured pregnant mamma, Coco, first. Then Saha and Shumba (Approx 9 months old now). Whilst loading them, we were rather rudely introduced to the very Big and impressive father of the pups, whose ferocious bark sent us inelegantly flying back into the car! Seconds later he exchanged the bark for a cuddle. He belonged to a neighbour. Oops…we nearly loaded him too. On the way back to Vaalpets rescue centre, the one young pup vomited in the back of the car. It was no the vomit that horrified us, it was the fact that it only consisted of sand. How had they survived for the two weeks without food? How could people do this?