Lizzy is Lovely

pls take Lizzy. I don’t want her anymore. I have now baby

With these words Lizzy was surrendered to Vaalpets. We see your true colours Lizzy



Bella's Battle

Surrendered to Vaalpets in January 2019, Bella spent her days at the shelter comfort eating and picking up the kilograms, during this time she also developed a mast cell tumor. We treated the wound superficially for awhile and when lockdown came we decided it was a good time for her to go into foster care and sort out her batlle of the bulge and her tumor.
Weight-loss in dogs is not so easy, you have to watch what they eat, not cheat on the quantity and feed a premium diet food. Research says that dogs will lose 100gr per week. It was going to be a long road. We fed her Eukanuba weight control and the beginning was a challenge for her, she was always hungry but after 4 months her appetite is under control and she has trimmed down beautifully.
Bella went in for surgery during lockdown once the vets were allowed to deal with day to day cases, what seemed like a small area above the skin turned out to be far larger beneath and she came home with a long cut.
She bounced back relatively quick, within 2 weeks the entire area had healed well, her stitches were removed and the pesky cone came off a few days later after the irritation in the area subsided. 
 Bella is a sweet soulful dog, she is great in a pack and loves to play, chase and wrestle, what she loves most is snuggling up to her human, she is house trained and obedient and a pleasure to have around. 
Bella is 5 years old and up for adoption from Vaalpets. If you need a dog that stares into the depth of your soul, this is your dog. 
You may wonder why if she is so wonderful, doesn’t she stay in the foster home she is in. Honestly, I would keep her but for every dog you keep, you lose space to rehabilitate another one in need.
Rescue really requires a capture and release mindset, she is ready, healthy and a fabulous dog and when she finds her forever, the next one comes in and the same process starts all over again.
Bella’s operation cost was R3500. This was covered by the donations received from our valued supporters and we are grateful for each and every person that deposits into our medical expense accounts. 

Katie's Beauty

Katie gave birth to her 10 beautiful puppies at Vaalpets. Your financial support made it possible to rescue, restore and rehome all 10 puppies. Katie remains at Vaalpets waiting for her forever home, sterilised and healed from a horrible eye infection, she is now in perfect health, awaiting her perfect home. Please see her advert on Vaalpets Adoptables Facebook page.

Katie today and a few
of her beautiful puppies

We see your true colours

Three dogs were brought into Vaalpets at the beginning of the year in such a sorry state. These photo’s don’t do justice to their state of neglect. With love, dedication and care Danielle nursed them back into the beauties they actually are.

Ella's Eyes

Ella is one of Coco’s pups that developed Cherry eye in both her eyes. The Eye Institute quoted R11 000 for both eyes. Urgent fundraising began.

Ella today

Coco's Journey


Owners moved out and left their 5 dogs on the property. Two weeks later Vaalpets got a call to help rescue them. All we had was a pin drop

On arrival we first met a highly pregnant Sharpei who was nothing but skin and bones. Alongside her, were her two pups from her last litter. We carefully loaded the sweet-natured pregnant mama, Coco, first. Then Sasha and Shumba (Approx 9 months old now). Whilst loading them, we were rather rudely introduced to the very Big and impressive father of the pups, whose ferocious bark sent us inelegantly flying back into the car! Seconds later he exchanged the bark for a cuddle. He belonged to a neighbour. Oops….we nearly loaded him too. On the way back to the Vaalpets rescue centre, the one young pup vomited in the back of the car. It was not the vomit that horrified us, it was the fact that it only consisted of sand. How had they survived for two weeks without food? How could people do this? 

Rescued just in the nick of time! A few days later Coco gave birth to eight puppies of which  two were stillborn. Well done girl!

Sadly we could not save her paw

Shelley's Shuffle

Shelley was found on the road with a broken leg and litter of puppies and brought to Vaalpets. Her leg was amputed and puppies rehomed except for one who had distemper and remains at the shelter to this day.
Month after month Shelley waited to be adopted, years passed and she became depressed and a compulsive eater. With the added weight her mobility reduced and she started to shuffle on her bum, dragging herself by her front paws.
It was time for intervention, we put out a call for assistance to help rehabilitate her and Marinda was the only call we received and it was the only one we needed.
Shelley went into foster care with Miranda for 4 months, there with love and dedication Miranda took her for physical therapy to strengthen her core, rebuild her muscles and shed the fat. Shelley instantly responded to the love and care she received and craved, she blossomed and worked so hard.
Without Marinda’s commitment, we could not have rehabilitated Shelley, we do not have the facilities she needed here in the Vaal. Miranda’s help is deeply APPRECIATED and she is A SUPER STAR to us.
The pictures that follow is a history of how she went from shuffling on her bum to running (see her video in the comments section) and playing. Shelley remains in fostercare with a volunteer and will not return to the shelter.
Your continued support and financial contributions makes rescue and rehabilitation likes this possible. THANK YOU.


Transformation time

The new Shelley

Not all superheroes wear capes, some have four paws


Read about him giving blood to save a life, surviving a fire tragedy, and becoming a celebrity.

Yesterday Duke just knew that he had to step up to try and save a life. Without anesthetic he lay dead quiet on the table while Dr Christa from Animaland drew blood from his main artery. What a trooper!! Shebas came to Vaalpets with advanced tick bite fever and the only way to save her life was with a blood transfusion. Sadly, she did not make it and died late last night. RIP Shebas.

Duke came to Vaalpets after the tragic fire at Purrpaws in 2019 (when Vaalpets took in 89 dogs). All 4 his paws were badly burnt, and the bones were exposed. His paws were bandaged up for 4 weeks and with the loving care of Danielle he slowly started walking again. Duke is a magnificent boy, with the face of a lion and a “marshmellow” heart. He loves cuddles and rubs. Next time you are at the shelter pat him on the head and say: “well done boy”.

He features in the Kwela Kyknet shoot airing on the 28th of February – be sure not to miss it! During December he was part of the Duck Point shoot and is becoming a real star with his charm and good looks.