“Dogs do speak, but only to those
who know how to listen"

Orhan Pamuk

Provide temporary housing and care for dogs and puppies who aren’t quite ready for adoption. We need loving homes like yours to continue helping these animals in need of a little extra time and care

All our foster dogs are vaccinated, dewormed and have up to date tick/flea treatment. All you need to provide is LOVE and food. We wll do the rest. Let us know for how long you are able to foster.


My fostering journey and why youth should get involved

A volunteer has been fostering for 3 years (Since her Grade 10 year). This is her story…

I have fostered 48 puppies in the last 3 years. Every inch of my heart loves animals and o what joy they bring to my life.
Every minute is so rewarding. When their wobbly legs get stronger, when they come for a treat when you call their name. You know you are doing the right thing because as soon as you get home from school you rush to see them. When you see their bellies full and their eyes close, content, in a warm bed. I cannot describe the sense of achievement when you kiss them goodbye as they go to their forever homes.

Let me tell you, that part isn’t easy. The question I get asked over and over again is “how do you say goodbye”? I keep reminding myself that the next ones and the next ones are waiting. When I was in school those faces made me get up earlier in the morning to cuddle them, to change their newspapers and to make their food and to see that they are happy before I go to school. Never mind all the days I nearly missed my ride.

I also used to get bashed – why don’t you leave them alongside the road? Why didn’t you let them have the injection? I wasn’t put on this earth to decide who lives and who dies. Saint Augustine said: “Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those, who by the accidents of time, or place or circumstances are brought into closer connection with you”.
Start by just focusing on those that cross your path. 
Just one step at a time.


For the love of.... Hami

by Ella Maverick

This is a testimony of the pleasure of being involved with a rescue organization and being part of the Foster Team.
We all love puppies, you can’t help yourself, they are cute, sweet, playful, curious and you just laugh more having them in your house.
They usually arrive on short notice and so you want to have a stack of newspaper for toilet training. Puppy food is supplied by the shelter, so the only thing you give is your time and love.
From the moment they arrive, your house is a little busier, noisier and the potential for poopie accidents increases, never the less, your heart is fuller and your house has the ringing sound of laughter.
You train the puppy as if it were your own, they need to learn the house rules and boundaries and in that process, you prepare them for their forever home.
When the application comes in for your foster puppy, your heart skips a beat and you go into protection mode (you cant help yourself) your baby was a foster, you remind yourself of your duty as a interim home, your job is done, your purpose is served.
You become a little irritating making sure that every body knows what ‘your’ puppy likes, dislikes, how he behaves and what he expects from his new human.
Then it’s release day and that is even more difficult when you have young children. You hold back your own tears and deal with theirs.
You remind them that we have to release, so that we can again help another one. We are fortunate not only to do our bit to help out but also blessed by many intersecting lives and the pure joy and laughter of being involved in something bigger than just us.
They dry their eyes, pout for a few hours and love their own pack so much more, being grateful for every 4 legged or 3 legged member of their family.

Fostering saves