We are Vaalpets NPC, a leading Non Profit Company (2013/095554/08).

Our Vision

Vaalrivier Community and Pet Care is the circle of compassion, embracing our one united mission, to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome abused, abandoned and neglected animals. We strive to eradicate animal cruelty in the Vaal Triangle. To achieve this, we engage with the hearts and hands of the community

Our Mission

Our mission remains to protect, advocate and be the caretakers of the voiceless. We aim to be the
most successful and respected animal shelter in the Vaal Triangle. We will do this by
promoting responsible, caring and compassionate attitudes towards animals and thereby
creating a world where humans live up to the expectations of who their dogs really think
they are. We aim to build a community where people value improving the welfare of
all animals and thereby strengthening the human-animal bond. We do this by providing
protection, care, rehabilitation, adoption, education, advocacy, collaboration and
engagement with all stakeholders.

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Coco's Journey

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Shelley's Shuffle (Tripod)

Our Guiding Principles

• Our golden rule is to treat all living things as we ourselves wish to be treated.
With kindness and compassion • We will never stop advocating the welfare of every animal • We are committed and responsible guardians of the animals in our care • We are passionate about our commitment • We will act ethically responsibly and fair in all our dealings • We strive to find compassionate solutions that benefit people and animals

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi May we inspire you to create a better world for our four-legged children by uniting with us to sterilise and provide primary health care to pets in less fortunate circumstances. Every abandoned and neglected pet that finds a loving home will increase your moral stature and will bring new meaning to your life - Danielle

Our Ambitious Goals

• Sterilise 400 dogs per year • Drive 6 clinic days per year focused on Bophelong and other less fortunate communities • Do 12 community education drives per year • To provide opportunities for the community to engage and thus expand our volunteer base by 50% • To successfully rehome 200 dogs per year

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